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Hey everyone,

I come to you with some bad news. Our friend, David Hill Jr. (of Machine Age Productions) has hit some really bad luck. Below is a quote directly pulled from a letter he wrote to a kickstarter that he was running to explain some delays. Please Read:

“So, the rough patch came in rapid succession:

1) At Gen Con, we were robbed. This was a pretty significant amount of money, almost every cent we made. It was supposed to be our rent for the following few months, along with project expenses, payments for some of the talent, book shipping, et cetera, so forth. This was a kick in the head for a number of reasons. Hugely hurtful that it came from inside the community, and harmful to my business and my family. It left us scrambling for basic expenses.
2) We were going to just take some personal money we’d put away, our savings, and use that to finish up the projects and get them all out to backers. Then we got hit with a notice that our insurance refused to cover our newborn son’s medical procedures and hardware to correct his legs and allow him to walk as he grows up. They’d preapproved it, but I’m sure most of you have heard the horror stories about the healthcare system. So there went what money we had.
3) Then, insult to injury, our family cat passed away. This pushed us beyond the point of broke, into really bad territory.
Anyway, that’s where we’re at. We’re doing everything in our power to get back on our feet. I’m sorry it’s been a hassle; we weren’t expecting this rapid fire bad luck. I just took on a number of freelancing projects in order to try to get things back in order. In addition to the current projects, and some upcoming projects, I’m considering taking on an additional, traditional full-time position in order to expedite this. If I end up doing so, I’ll update as much as possible, but that’ll put me into “I don’t really get enough sleep” territory since I’m already working what amounts to two jobs.”

This is awful and no one deserves to go through what he and his family is going through. For the next couple of weeks, we (1d4cast) would like to gather donations to give to David and his family.

Unfortunately, we are not a charity organization so any money you give us can’t be claimed as a tax write-off, but any amount you are willing to give, will be given to David and his family. We will keep none of it. Also unfortunate, we have have nothing to give you back except our heart-felt thanks.

Please use the Donate Button on the main page of the 1d4cast website to lend him a hand. Any and all amounts are helpful. Let’s help make things a little brighter for our brother-in-gaming.

Thank you!

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