About us

1d4cast is a podcast that has been devoted to RPGs since 2010. We started by reviewing tabletop pen/paper/dice games, as well as minimal discussion of board games and video games. For a couple of years, we had changed our format to become more topic oriented while doing a game system review here and there along with some Actual Plays. In the summer of 2019, we decided to go back to our original idea of reviewing game systems, but we decided to add a few twists:

  1. We now do a series of short-format Actual Plays (each episode is less then 2 hours) for the system we are reviewing, usually involving character setup, game play, and then a after action (aka Postmortem review) of that system, While some of the games we play, we may know well, the majority will be new to us. We feel that this allows the listener to see how a game can legitimately run albeit in a one-shot game fashion.
  2. We wanted to have listener driven content. We want to play and review, what you want us to. To do that, we have set up an optional on-site polls that will allow you to vote on games to play. Thank you for checking out our podcast, we hope you enjoy your stay and support us if you do enjoy it.

Current Podcaster Line-up:

  • James
  • Monica
  • Steve
  • Paul
  • Heather
  • Katie

Previous Podcaster Line-up:

  • John

Previous Guest Line-up:

  • Olivia Hill
  • Chris Perrin
  • Bryan C.
  • Bethany E.
  • Andy B
  • Chrissy F.
  • Zenith D.
  • Teresa O.
  • Christina H.
  • Rachel
  • Keira M.

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Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy our podcast :)!.