Kingmaker – A Pathfinder Campaign Actual Play

*Warning – Explicit*

This is the first episode (or part) of our new AP series. This will be recorded in many parts as it is a campaign set within the world of Pathfinder. Paul is running this game while Steve, Monica, John, Allison, Chris, and myself (James) make fools of ourselves. Follow our crazy antics as we struggle against lawless bandits and hungry monsters in order to establish a new kingdom in a wild regain of Brevoy in The Kingmaker! We used d20Pro for maps and character pogs and used Skype for recording audio. Next time we plan to try out Mumble for our recordings.

If you are looking for a good All-in-One Gaming application that is cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) turn your attention to D20 Pro. The app is a free download, but it does rely on licenses, of which these are available: Guest License (Free, allows a Judge using this license to have up to 5 guest seats for players), Player (does not count towards Guest seats), and Judge (allows you to host and control the game board within. At the lowest cost you can have 2 guest seats, one level up you get 3 guest seats, another level up you get 4 guest seats, and at the highest level you get 6 guest seats). Fortunately you can use your judge license as a player, but unfortunately you cannot lend your guest seats to another judge.

Thanks for listening :D! All Feedback is appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “Kingmaker – A Pathfinder Campaign Actual Play

  1. Aerion Snowpaw says:

    …Where’s part 2?
    This one’s almost a year old.

    And I was so excited to find someone other than the Strand gamers doing this too :\

    1. James says:


      The GameMaster, Paul, ended up getting a promotion and has made a couple moves around the DC area. Long story short, he got busy and this got pushed to the back-burner. I asked him about it and there is some talk of trying to play it again in 2014. It may not be with the same exact group and might require a replay of the first session with the new characters. I can’t promise anything, but we will try.


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