AP Review 01 – Fiasco – Dragon Slayers – Setup

Welcome to our first Actual Play Review! We have decided to go back to focusing on Reviews, with the twist of making Actual Plays of the systems we are reviewing. To kick this off, we thought that it would be fun to start with Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games. We also set up a Patreon page that allows our listeners to be more involved with how we produce our content and the money we obtain through that will go into paying host fees, audio recording and process fees (if needed), upgrade equipment, and eventually do giveaways of the systems we are reviewing. The idea is not to paywall our content, the polished final versions will always make their way to the public feed as more content is added to Patreon.

So the first thing they got to do was choose which Playset for Fiasco we got to play. The idea is to keep the episodes in smaller digestible files, not to exceed 2 hours, unless it can’t be helped.

Our Fiasco Setup using Google Draw as a Whiteboard

We are still a part of the Prismatic Tsunami Podcast Family, check out their great shows!

Thank you for listening to our show!

We hope that you will help us in this new endeavor, but if not, we still that hope that you continue to enjoy our show!


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