AP Review 03 – Don’t Rest Your Head – Character Creation + Prelude

Welcome to our third AP Review game. Our Patreon backers decided that our next game would be Don’t Rest Your Head by Evil Hat Productions.


  • Game Master – James
  • Samantha Brown – Katie
  • Jacob West – Steve
  • Benjamin Stockman – Paul
Google Draw for Character Creation and Guidelines
Tabletop Simulator hosted by Katie

On the topic of the Patreon, we only gained two Patrons during the 5 months it ran, so I decided to close it down. We weren’t getting anywhere with it, so I knew we wouldn’t hit any of our goals. Huge thank you to the two supporters, it means a lot to us that you cared enough to support us. With an average of 40 downloads an episode through iTunes, it is clear that we are no longer relevant as a podcast. While that does bum me out, I still like making these episodes, so as long as my co-hosts keep coming back, we will continue to make content.

We plan to keep the AP Review and Postmortem Review series going, so if you want vote in the polls or interact with us on a personal level, you will need to join us on our Facebook group: 1d4Cast Podcast Community

The Patreon idea, did help to make us want to produce more content, going from once a month release to 2 or 3 releases in a month. It was a good run, but we are going to slow it back down again. Hopefully we can keep up with the two releases a month cycle, so we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading this and listening to the episode.


Anyway, we do hope that you enjoy these episodes continue to listen to our content and come interact with us on Facebook.


1 thought on “AP Review 03 – Don’t Rest Your Head – Character Creation + Prelude

  1. Michael G Phillips says:

    So I love don’t rest your head, and I wish I had been paying attention before you started doing this one because I could have suggested one thing that improves the play experience a little bit. There is a convention adventure called The bad Man where you end up playing children in the sleepless city, and it’s set up with a few rules alterations that improve character interaction for a game that is pretty much set up to be played as multiple solo characters doing their own thing. and for all that it’s about a bunch of children running away from the monster in their closet, the bad man is also a slightly less dark game setting. It is still very dark but it’s not your terrible people facing terrible things


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