Bonus Ep 06 – What Makes A Game Mature & A Special Announcement!

*Warning – Explicit*

This month we tackle the topic of mature gaming. What makes a game mature? How can I use mature themes in my game? All these questions and more are answered within. Also, listen for a special announcement within this episode. If you are fan of our show and live in the Mid-Atlantic area, this might just be the best news ever!

Hope you enjoy!

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Here are our shownotes :), click on the links below to find out more:

From the news Section: (February and March)
[Wizards of the Coast]
Heroes of Elemental Chaos
Lords of Waterdeep

Player’s Companion: Pirates of the Inner Sea
Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds

[b]Green Ronin[/b]
DC Heroes and Villians: Vol 2

[Catalyst Gaming Labs]
Updates for Hero Lab

[White Wolf]
Masters of Jade

[Cubicle 7]
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Core Set (Eleventh Doctor Edition)

From The Topic:
Dark Dungeons’ Official Page
Jack Chick’s Tract about Dark Dungeons (*Warning* This guy is crazy :-P.)


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