Bonus Ep 4 – Dicey Situations

*Warning – Explicit*

For our November show, we decided to do a show about dice statistics, superstitions at the gaming table, and what mechanics a lot of the popular game systems have in order to make the game feel easier to play. [b]We also have our shout-outs at the end of the episode.[/b] Be sure to check out the silliness :).

Hope you enjoy!

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Here are our show notes :), click on the links below to find out more:

From the News Section:
Donate to Child’s Play Charity and download LEGEND
ICV2 Top five Games based off of summer sales

From The Topic:
Controlled dice rolling for 6’s and 8’s in Craps
The Nemeis PDF from Dennis Detwiller’s Blog (A FREE Horror game based on the One Roll Engine {aka ORE})

Monica being silly with dice in her nose.


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