Episode 17 – Lite Vs Heavy Systems

Hello everyone! Welcome to May’s episode. This month we discuss the Pros and Cons between Rules-Lite and Rules-Heavy systems. We even sneak a little Rules-Medium games in the talk as well. How much crunch do you like as a DM or a player?

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We hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 17 – Lite Vs Heavy Systems

  1. zac says:

    Great show guys (and token chick). I definitely agree that Savage Worlds is a rules medium kind of game. Being my go-to system, I would say that the reason I choose it is because it is just fun to play. Monica does make a good point about it not being very “catchily” written, but it definitely shines in play. I was a player in Paul’s L5R game and found it to be easy to pick up, but a bit complex mechanically. It was a great time though. Anyway, again great show and I look forward to the next one.

    1. James says:

      Thanks for listening to our show Zac!

      Having only played Savage Worlds twice, with great GMs, I had a different view of it. I would have loved to played in one of your games at 1d4Con. Hopefully next year! Also if you are interested, we might hit you up when we do a Savage Worlds review episode.

      L5R is an absolute blast of a game. I attempted to make a character the first time I played it at GenCon last year. I found it very difficult, so I just grabbed a pre-gen. I love the Roll\Keep mechanic and combat is very easy to get through on the player side. There are a lot of things I have haven’t used, like casting spells. Looking through the core book, it seems that GMs get the short end of the stick. I say this because it seems the system has a high learning curb.


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