Episode 25 – Delving Into DnD 5th Edition

Hello Everyone!

Happy Anniversary to us, 4 years and still kicking! This month we have a full cast plus special guests, Henry, Katie, and Steve.

This episode focuses on Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition (aka DnD 5e or DnD Next). All of us have had to chance to look at the rules and even play a little bit. We discuss the differences between the free BASIC pdfs (See below for links) and the Players Handbook, New rules and rule changes, as well as our impressions.

New to Dungeons and Dragons or a little skeptical about the new edition? Have a listen to our fair review and discussion. We hope that you enjoy the show.

If you have any comments, feedback, or even a topic you want us to discuss; either leave a comment on this episode’s post, send us an email, or use our Contact Page! We’d love to hear from you and will read your email on the next episode!

Here are the show notes:


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