Episode 27 – Onward! Into 2015

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to 2015! This month we talk about our gaming related goals for 2015, our current (and past) favorite games, and the sometimes abusive relationship we have our guilty pleasure games.

Thanks to Michael Phillips for writing in about Dresden FAE!

We want to encourage you to play all of the games! Set some gaming goals for yourself and explore new systems!

We are running a contest that will land one (or two if we get a lot of submissions!) lucky person with a $10 gift certificate to DriveThruRPG. Just leave us a comment or send us an email and let us know what your favorite game is and why.

We hope that you enjoy the show.

If you have any comments, feedback, system you want us to talk about, or even a topic you want us to discuss; either leave a comment on this episode’s post, send us an email, or use our Contact Page! We’d love to hear from you and will read your email on the next episode!

Telephone Pictionary:

D20 Cakes:

Here are the show notes:


1 thought on “Episode 27 – Onward! Into 2015

  1. zac says:

    hey y’all,

    forgot to say in the email that my gaming goals for 2015 would have to be…play more different games. I look forward to 1d4Con every year for that very reason. I’m going to try to play only systems that i haven’t tried before.

    thanx guys


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