1d4cast Episode 3: Run! Don’t Walk In The Shadows

*Warning: Explicit Content*

In this episode, we talk about Shadowrun 4th Edition. We discuss the setting, character building, game mechanics, magic, hacking, equipment, and how it compares to the older editions. We talk about past games and give examples of play along with our opinions of the game.

I would like to apologize to those of you who couldn’t download the other episodes, we apparently went over our 15 GB bandwidth allocation. Also we had a late start because October has been busy for all of us. This is October’s episode, the news section is out of date now, and we will be releasing an episode shortly for November as well.

Thanks for listening to us :).

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The opening is a line from the movie: GamersĀ©
The opening also uses a sample clip from Nightwish’s – “Ghost Love score”


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