Episode 31 – Campaign Design Part 2: Tools We Use


In this episode, we are missing Katie, but we carry on regardless and talk a little bit about games we have run or played in since the last recording, various upcoming conventions, current Kickstarters, as well as discuss website posts from our listeners.

The episode’s main topic is a follow up to last month’s topic, but a more in-depth look at useful tools, Campaign Design: Tools. We have a discussion about different tools and books that my be useful to help a GM design a campaign.

We hope that you enjoy the show.

If you have any comments, feedback, system you want us to talk about, or even a topic you want us to discuss; either leave a comment on this episode’s post, send us an email, or use our Contact Page! You can also post to our Facebook Community and/or Google+ Community. We’d love to hear from you and will read your email on the next episode!

Here are the show notes:


1 thought on “Episode 31 – Campaign Design Part 2: Tools We Use

  1. zac says:

    hey y’all,

    congrats on the anniversary! hope that it keeps going for many more. enjoyed the episode. learned a few things about tech that is available for campaign management. i must concur with steve though; that nothing replaces a notebook and pencil. one thing that my group has done recently is create a facebook group page for each game where we can share pc and npc pics, maps, and campaign documents. even then, i’m the most active on the site, posting most often. i guess that is my lot in life, being the primary gm. 🙂 anyway, keep up the good work and i look forward to your next episode.


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