Episode 33 – Game Complexity

We are officially back in action after a 7 month hiatus!

In this episode, we are missing John again and Andy was unable to be a guest, but we have Paul joining us. We recorded with Google Hangouts “On Air”. The sound quality is just okay. I used Auphonic.com to level the audio before cleaning up the pops and long pauses. Otherwise this episode is unedited.

We talk a little bit about our 1d4Con 2016 experience, other supportive podcasts, two current Kickstarters, as well as discuss website posts and facebook posts from our listeners.

The episode’s main topic is about Game Complexity. We define what we mean by “Game Complexity” and discuss various game mechanics and settings for various Tabletop RPGs, Board Games, and Card Games.

We hope that you enjoy the show. Look forward to some giveaways coming soon!

Had a problem with the original file. It was corrupted and missing parts of the episode. You may have to re-download.

Here is the 1d4Con 2016 Survey!

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Here are the show notes:

It’s great to be back! Thank you for listening!


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