Episode 36 – Diceless Gaming

This episode is a little bit of a tribute to the late Steven Russell of Rite Publishing, who tragically died in a car accident a few months ago. We are talking about diceless games as we jump between games that are have no randomizing mechanic to games that use other methods for randomization.

Scion 2nd Edition kickstarter is now live and fully funded!

TsunamiCon is soon! If you live in or around Wichita, KS do yourself a favor and check this event out!

Thank you to Zac C., David H., and Dan W. for all of your comments! We will get in touch to give you two $5 vouchers for the Pinnacle Web Store

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This episode was recorded on 9/22/2016 using G+ Hangouts and recorded by routing the sound through a mixer and into Audacity. We use Auphonic.com to level and normalize the audio before editing in Audacity. This show has been slightly edited for content and removing long gaps of silence.

Here are the show notes:


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