Episode 38 – It Only Takes One Roll

This month the gang gets together (sans Katie) to talk abouth One Roll Engine games. We get dwon into the gritty details of how to create your dicepool and interpret it as well as what all the funky dice types are. We also talk about Godlike and Wild Talents along with various settings and other games that use the O.R.E. system. I also talk about a new Actual Play series for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition that I’m running. See show notes for links to the Actual Play and the Actual play iTunes feed.

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This episode was recorded on 2/15/2016 using G+ Hangouts and recorded by routing the sound through a mixer and into Audacity. There is a quality issue with this episode as all of the voices are distorted. I was unable to fix this in post. We use Auphonic.com and Levelator to level and normalize the audio before editing in Audacity. This show has been minimally edited to remove a few gaps of silence and some quality issues.

Here are the show notes:


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