Episode 40 – A Particular Set of Skills

This month we talk about our favorite Skills subsystems within various RPGs. We also discuss our time at and running 1d4Con 2017 as well.

Thank you to Zac C. for writing in!

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This episode was recorded on 5/15/2017 using G+ Hangouts and recorded by routing the sound through a mixer and into Audacity. There is a little bit of a quality issue with this episode as there are some weird pops and noises around Monica’s and Henry’s mics that I was unable to completely remove. We used Levelator to level and normalize the audio before editing in Audacity. This show has been minimally edited to remove a few gaps of silence and fix some quality issues here and there.

Don’t forget to check out our 1d4cast Actual Play Episodes in iTunes, they are on a separate feed. Another Vampire episode on its way as well as a Mouse Guard Playtest.

Here are the show notes:


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