Episode 44 – Online Play

This is the first episode of 2018! In this first month of 2018’s episode, we talk about all manner of ways that one can play Tabletop RPGs on the internet. We discuss various platforms and talk about our experiences with all of them. Is is very apropos as James has currently picked up the V20 Actual Play series again with other new and exciting APs to follow in 2018.

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This episode was recorded on 1/30/2018 using Mumble and edited in Audacity. We used Levelator to level and normalize the audio before editing in Audacity. This show has been minimally edited to remove a few gaps of silence and fix some quality issues here and there.

Don’t forget to check out our 1d4cast Actual Play Episodes in iTunes, they are on a separate feed. Look for V20 – Session 4 and other APs to come.

The Background music is Plastic Submarine, courtesy of The Grammar Club. Visit their Patreon page for this song and more!

Thank you for listening! We hope you enjoy this episode.

Here are the show notes:


1 thought on “Episode 44 – Online Play

  1. Russ Phillips says:

    I’ve played a lot of games via text chat, on IRC and XMPP, and I’m currently running a QAGS Dune campaign run over XMPP.

    I’ve got an account on Roll20, but I’ve never really used it. I always have a website set up for campaigns, and in the current one, I upload my chat logs so that we all have access to them.

    We find that using “…ellipses…” for internal monologue and “\backslashes\” for sarcasm helps with the lack of tone of voice. Having a way to let others know what a character is thinking can be particularly useful, and to be honest is something I got from a face-to-face campaign I played in. In that, we had a sheet of paper with “Internal Monologue” written on it, which we’d hold up in front of us.


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