Episode 48 – Lets Get Into Character

September has come and gone, so here is a podcast episode that we managed to record even though my work schedule has been nuts.


We are giving away ONE softcover copy of THE SPRAWL to a lucky winner, and are still deciding on items for 2 runner-ups (2nd and 3rd place)

Submission Deadline is December 1st, 2018!

Listen within this show to acquire details about how to enter our contest mentioned above.

Other than that, our topic is about characters:

  • Characters/concepts that we have never or rarely get to play.
  • Characters/concepts we’ve played a lot and wish we could play more.
  • Characters/concepts we’ve rather never play again.

Check out our discussion and send us any feedback you may have:

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This episode was recorded on 9/17/2018 using Mumble and edited in Audacity. We used Levelator to level and normalize the audio before editing. This show has been minimally edited to remove a few gaps of silence and fix some quality issues here and there. 

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The Background music is Plastic Submarine, courtesy of The Grammar Club. Visit their Patreon page for this song and more!

Thank you for listening! We hope you enjoy this episode.

Here are the show notes:



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2 thoughts on “Episode 48 – Lets Get Into Character

  1. Zac Corbin says:

    Hey folks. Just dropping a line to let you all know what a great job you’re doing. I know that every time I listen to 1d4cast there will be an interesting and entertaining RPG-related discussion.
    Thank you.

  2. Zac Corbin says:

    Also thought that I’d drop my ticket in the jar for the contest.

    As far as a character that I’ve always wanted to play but haven’t… I’ve always had a desire to play some incarnation of “The Noble Savage”. A PC from a barbaric culture, race, or whatever that acts more paladin-like in regards to their reservedness and attitude toward others. Not very flashy but different for me.

    As for a character that I want to play more… I’d have to go with Moldus,a teifling cleric of knowledge that wasn’t “that kind of cleric”. He was more of a scholar who had been kicked out of the Grand Library to find his way in the world and use the skills he had to help people. Kind of a reluctant adventurer. Didn’t get to explore that story enough.

    And concerning a PC that I’m pretty done with, I’ll say…Deadman, a shadowrunning elf weapon specialist that started his career as War Pig with cosmetically altered ears to appear human because of elven predjudice in Hawaii. A very cold-hearted guy. Didn’t value others lives. Changed his handle and got even more sociopathic after getting a cortex bomb from the Yakuza for a failed run. Made a shit-ton of money, bought a private island in the Caribbean, and eventually retired, but only because he had come to realize what a monster he was.

    On a run one night as the team was approaching the classic dockside warehouse from separate directions, Deadman spotted movement in the shadows and without thinking, shot the person there. When the figure stumbled forward and fell into the light it was revealed to be a young boy with a toy gun, playing. At that point Deadman signaled the team that he was out and never returned to the shadows again leaving the child to die and his friends hanging. Kind of a sad end to a successful shadowrunner.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope to hear more episodes soon.


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