Episode 55 – Time to Change It Up!

In this episode, we talk about our convention experience with 1d4Con 2019, Queen City Con, and Origins. We also explain the changes that coming to the podcast. We have been podcasting since August 2010 and we started out as a monthly review show. Along the way, many of us have had job changes, got married, had children, went to more schooling, or something else that kept us from being monthly. We eventually started doing Actual Plays and then moved into giving advice.

We have decided to go back to focusing on Reviews, with the twist of making Actual Plays of the systems we are reviewing.

We are still a part of the Prismatic Tsunami Podcast Family

Announcing 1d4Con 2020!

More APs means needing better equipment and software. We are also starting a few services that will allow you to support this endeavor. A Ko-fi page that will allow 1 time donations and a Patreon page that will allow monthly donations.

We are going to start using a recording service called ZenCastr which require monthly fees and can be more reliable than my Mumble server and may allow us better recording quality.

You can even purchase items from our Amazon Wish List if you so choose.


We will never paywall our main content, that includes the APs we are making for reviews, the post-mortem review once we finish the game, or the mini-campaign APs that we also produce.

By supporting us, you get gain access to more Discord channels on our server. You also get to interact with us in a way that helps us make decisions. The Patreon page will allow you vote on upcoming shows. For the first episode of this new direction, we have already chosen to play Fiasco, but our Patreons will pick the Play Set that we will use from the ones we talked about in this episode. The vote will run for 2 weeks:

  • Alpha Complex (based on the Paranoia RPG)
  • Archer (based on the animated TV show)
  • Attack of the 50 Foot Fiasco
  • Bookhounds of London (based on the Trail of Cthulhu supplement)
  • Daikaiju!
  • Dragon Slayers

Thank you for listening to our show!

We hope that you will help us, but if not, we hope you that you continue to enjoy our show!

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