GM Toolkit EP03 – Prepping for Cons

Hello everyone! We are actually releasing our March Episode in *GASP* March!

This time it is just Steve and I and with 1d4Con right around the corner, we thought we should talk about prepping games for convention play.

Hope you enjoy!

If you have any comments, feedback, or even a topic you want us to discuss; either leave a comment on this episode’s post, send us an email, or use our Contact Page! We’d love to hear from you and will read your email on the next episode!

Here are the show notes:


1 thought on “GM Toolkit EP03 – Prepping for Cons

  1. Chad says:

    Hello, 1D4 crew!

    This is Keeper Chad from the MU Podcast. Very excited to have just booked a room for Saturday night in Winchester! Thanks for the mention in this episode. Looking forward to seeing Steve and James and the rest of the gang this year. I’ll be showing up with my bro-in-law for a D&D Next game on Saturday morning, then we’re playing the afternoon by ear. I decided to stay on for an evening and morning on Sunday on my own. Wish I had done more this year to help you promote — things got zany and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go. Anyway, can’t wait to catch up!


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