Interview with Neall and Monica about Scion 2nd Edition

This episode marks our 6th year as a podcast! Happy Anniversary to us! Despite the several months of off again and on again hiatus, we have done our best to stick to it.

Monica is working on a couple of projects and so with Neall the lead developer, we interview both of them about the upcoming Scion 2nd Edition game. Look for the Kickstarter in early September!

TsunamiCon is still looking for GMs/Games and attendees! If you live in or around Wichita, KS do yourself a favor and check this event out!

We are still doing the giveaway. We’ve had 2 entries by now, but be aware that supplies are limited, so its first come first serve basis. Listen to this episode to find out how to claim a voucher ($5 off coupon from PEG Inc).

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This episode was recorded on 8/31/2016 using G+ Hangouts On Air. Only edited to remove large areas of silence.

Here are the show notes:


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