VtM V20 Actual Play Series – Baltimore in Darkness 01

Hello everyone,

New year means new things. I (James) have started a new Actual Play campaign called Baltimore in Darkness which uses the Vampire: the Masquerade 20th Anniversary rules set.

Listening to Happy Jacks RPG Podcast’s Mote of Sin (V20 Actual Play) really inspired me to run one of my own. Thanks Stu!

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  • James


  • Marian (Bob Roberts – Ventrue
  • Davie (Morgan Mandrake – Nosferatu)
  • David (Willard Connelly – Tremere)
  • Wes (Tom Hebert – Nosferatu)
  • Christina (Madelene Cross-DuChance – Toreador)

*A note about the quality*: We started by using Roll20.net, which doesn’t have a mute option and most of our mics’ hardware mute switch didn’t seem to work. At about the 1 hour mark, Roll20 completely crapped out on us and we picked back up in G+ hangouts. Both Marian and I are sick and coughing a lot.

This episode is heavily edited to fix and cut out audible tech issues as well as coughing, but not all could be cut. So be warned, some parts are rough. I feel that the episode was ultimately listenable, so I’m releasing it.

More episodes should come every other week or so. Hopefully in better quality.


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