New Website Design

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the redesign of our Podcast’s website! We have moved away from the e107 CMS format to a WordPress CMS format for a couple reasons:

1) Better Spam Filter. On the old website, we would get a ton of user sign ups for spam bots on a daily basis and I would have to go through and delete/ban all of them and their posts. With WordPress, we now have a spam filter plugin that will catch most of this, I just have to review it before deletion.

2)Design and Flow. WordPress looks better and is much easier to maintain.

One thing you will notice is the lack of ‘Forum’. I know that we used to have one, and one can be added, but no one used it, so it seems like a waste of database space. If there is demand (please post in the comments section below) then I will activate the forums for all to use. For those of you who have just signed up, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Anyway, we at the podcast, hope that you like this new design and find it easier to navigate about. We are still adding and changing content, so please bear with us during this transition :).

Please feel free to leave any and all comments about the show or the website below!

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