Postmortem Review 03 – Don’t Rest Your Head

Welcome to our third Postmortem Review episode! Continuing with the new format, we wanted to offer an episode that is more like our original content. Now that we have finished our AP Review for Don’t Rest Your Head by Evil Hat Productions, it is time to dive in deep and discuss what we enjoyed and disliked about our experiences. While we reference the APs a lot, you don’t have to listen to them in order to enjoy this episode.

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Show Notes:

Thank you for listening! We hope that you enjoyed this show.


3 thoughts on “Postmortem Review 03 – Don’t Rest Your Head

  1. Michael G Phillips says:

    The Badman does have a small rules tweak in it as well as being about children and the part I was suggesting was stripping out that small rules tweak. It just specifically gives you a better interface for cooperating with each other in a scene

    1. Michael G Phillips says:

      So fudge was not developed by evil hat. It was a game that the people at evil hat played in college and fate was based on how they had hacked fudge to make it a game to play Amber with dice.
      I will say that Don’t rest your head works very differently in a campaign then it does in a one shot because it is very much a press your luck game, and you can afford to press your luck a lot harder with a character you don’t have to keep across multiple sessions

      1. James says:


        Thank you for the clarity of The Bad Man scenario for DRYH.

        Also, forgive me. I had thought that Fred and Rob worked on Fudge prior to forming Evil Hat. I did not realize that it was already available (and based on Amber Diceless) and they were playing it.

        Thank you again! We really appreciate your feedback on this!



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