Episode 21 – More Game For Your Buck!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year, despite the fact that January is now at it’s end! I had full intention of being on this episode, but I got hit by a nasty stomach virus the day we were to record. Rather than delay, I asked the others to continue without me.

The topic of this episode is Games That Won’t Break Your Wallet. Monica suggested we talk about this after she did a similar panel at a Convention. If we would have had a MAGFest Panel, this would have been the topic. Anyway, the focus is mainly on Free or Low Cost games that don’t require a ton of monetary buy-in. Most of our links are to to PDFs, but we do throw in occasional links to print copies for some games.

The list below is pretty comprehensive, but is in no way complete. So, if you have games you want to tell us about that we missed in this list, a correction about something in the episode, or even a question, let us know. Write us a comment to this post, send us an email, or use our contact form. We’d love to hear from you and will read your replies in the next episode if we can.

Thank you for listening, and enjoy the show!

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[Games Under $25 With Few Supplements]

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Episode 7: Roaming The Weird West

*Warning – Explicit*

This month we review a great game called Dead Lands. It is such a great game and it truly deserves more credit :). Hope you enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated :).

*Note* An error was pointed out – we call the Dragon Age RPG a “retroclone” – while we did mean that the system is very consciously old school (which it is), the term “retroclone” actually refers to a specific style of game, which the DA: RPG is NOT.
The term was misused. Our bad!

If you have any comments, feedback, system you want us to talk about, or even a topic you want us to discuss; either leave a comment on this episode’s post, send us an email, or use our Contact Page! You can also post to our Facebook Community and/or Google+ Community You can even leave us feedback on Stitcher Radio, iTunes, or event Google Play Music! We’d love to hear from you and will read your message on the next episode!

Here are our shownotes 🙂

Playing Magic The Gathering with iPhones

Another picture of playing Magic The Gathering with iPhones

Deadlands: Lost Colony for sell on Amazon.com
D20 System Resource Document (SRD)

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