VtM V20 Actual Play Series – Baltimore in Darkness 04


  • James


  • Marian (Bob Roberts – Ventrue
  • Davie (Morgan Mandrake – Nosferatu)
  • David (Willard Connelly – Tremere)
  • Wes (Tom Hebert – Nosferatu)
  • Christina (Madelene Cross-DuChance – Toreador)

*A note about the quality*: We used Mumble to record our audio and Audacity to edit and perform post-production tasks.

This episode is heavily edited to fix and cut out audible tech issues as well as long periods of silence, background noise, and other random noise picked up by microphones.

This episode was recorded before 1d4Con 2018. The next episode will hopefully be recorded in June or July 2018. Thank you for listening!

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